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Steph & Clifford February 2010

Tuff decide to start bucking and playing on the lunge while Cliff was riding around. Cliff didn't know what to think about it so he just picked up the canter to get away from him.

Clifford V1 KIDS2

Steph L and children from Clifford Rd Primary talking about their challenge to get their class off the bottom of the GM league table at their school and how they are using their travel cards...

Steph sneezing

lol this is a video i got by accident. i had the camera going, and just as i was walking up the stairs, she just started to sneeze. it is really great.

Hampden Park Senior Team Camp 2003

Hampden Park Senior Open division dance twirl team 2003 at national festival week in video: Cleary Clifford,Stephanie Clarke, Kirsty Duncan, Nikki McDevitt, Jodie Casley and Naomi Ann Hill.


Eliza Wasni

The Latest on charges filed against teenager in death of Uber driver. (all times local): 8 p.m. Horrifying and saddening is how the sister of an Uber driver is describing his death, allegedly at...